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Hello Guys

I have a Peugeot Partner 1.6HDi 90cv from 2015 with 56000 Kilometers. It started make a weird noise like a broken bearing or something like that on the top left/back left of the engine.
I disconnect the belt that connects to the alternator to see if it was the alternator bearing. Same noise.
I already changed the water pump, timing belt, tensors and idler.
After that my mechanic said to change the air tube that goes from the turbo to the back of the engine because, for him, that looked like a broken tube.
After that I went to Peugeot and they sprayed a foam coat all over the engine to see if there was any air leaks. Nothing found.
After that I changed high pressure pump. Samething again.

I can't find the problem.

I have a video but because I'm new in the forum I can't add it.

Sorry for my english.

Best Regards.
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