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Hi. I'm new to the forums and hope somebody can offer some advice.

My 66 registered Tepee was great for 7 months but in Sept 2017 hot air started coming from all vents regardless of which setting the dual climate control was set to and regardless of whether the fans were turned off. The faster I went the hotter it got.

A visit to the garage revealed nothing as the problem could not be replicated. However I have had the same problem 7 times since, each time with identical symptoms although sometimes with climate control on and other times using just the fans.

After the problem happened in December I was told by my Peugeot garage that this was now a known issue and had appeared in the master technician log book since November 2017 and a temporary fix was to turn the ignition off for 10 mins.

I have heard nothing since but was cooked today during a 20 mile drive to work and then a 20 mile drive home again, despite engine being turned off for 7 hours whilst at work

Has anyone been suffering the same issue or got any advice regarding how patient I have to be with Peugeot when they have identified an issue but can't identify the cause or a fix.

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