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RESOLVED Partner Tepee 2010 1.6 hdi fuel filter heater

Trying to change the fuel filter on the above. Old filter out. New filter is a "Mann" from Eurocarparts. Number wk939/2z. Took the heater off the old unit, went to fit it on the new, and the mountings are subtly different. The hole is in the right place, the clip thing appears to be there, but there are not the "hooks" at the lower part, and there are tabs stuck up where the the rear of the heater would be, so the heater can't go in flat against the side.
Any thoughts please.
Issue resolved. It appears that there might be two types of heater. Whatever the one I had would no way fit on the filter provided. Eurocarparts sorted it out quickly and got one to me as I was stuck. Thanks to them.:thumb:
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