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Hello All,

New to the form :) I have recently purchased a Partner van reg LG61 OHE

The exhaust manifold has a crack down the centre and it will need to be replaced with a new one. The exhaust has code 82800 on it. I am having a look online to purchase a new or used one without being 100% sure I have found the correct item. Some of the manifolds online look identical but have different codes. Some I have seen are; 0341G2 0341 G2 0341.G2

The paper work I got with he van is also of not much help. not accurately displaying the engine KW or HP. So using online search tools to try and search for the part by selecting the van is proven to be difficult. Additionally, petrol vans form my knowledge are not very common, so parts are not listed very well :(.

What I want to know is, do most Peugeots used the same standard manifold and are compatable across the range in general? What is the part number for the manifold I will need? Where is the best place to buy the manifold?

Also a place to get both the exhaust gasket and exhaust manifold gasket to CAT?

I know this is much to ask but I have spent hours looking online and don't want to waste money on something that won't fit.

Thank you in advance
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