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diode said:
Hi To you all,
anyone tell me how to remove the steering wheel from this car
partner 2005 quiksilver combi hdi.
many thank..diode:confused:
General way to remove any steering wheel.

If it has an airbag, disconnect both battery terminals and leave for a while, the manual says 2 mins but I always leave it for like 20 to be sure.

The manual also recommends to disconnect the airbag ecu which on my car is under the centre console, unsure on yours.

Remove airbag (there will be two holes that you'll need to poke something in to release the airbag, this bit can be a pain in the arse when you don't know exactly how it works, just look in the holes with a torch first to get an idea on how the release mech works).

Remove main nut holding on wheel.

Disconnect any connectors you need to along the way and make sure to centralise the wheel after the nut has been loosened so you put it back on the same spline you took it off.

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