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New to the forum.

Hope I can find find some answers here. '03 Partner Esplanade 2l Hdi. The heater fan won't turn off. It comes on when the engine is started, and nothing I do can stop it. It's not going at absolutely full blast, but one notch down from that. The previous owner thought it might be a software problem and because of the 'multiplexing' system used for the electrical wiring, he suggested I try switching everything electrical on, then shutting it down, stop the engine, wait 10 secs and retry. (So the software re-boots). Needless to say this made no difference. The heater/A-C fan switch has never felt 'crisp' in it's operation, being a bit 'vague' around the centre position, so my initial thoughts were that it was mechanical rather than software.

Before I rip into things, I'm hoping that someone here has some helpful suggestions. Removing the fuse should stop it, but then I'd have no air blowing! It's a great vehicle and I'd rather have it going properly.

Suggestions please?

(I've done a search and can find nothing appropriate, hopefully I've posted this in the right section of the forum)
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