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2017 Partner Teepee 1.5 HDI.
For some reason, when I try to set the cruise control by rotating the switch on the steering stalk, it refuses to engage. I rarely use it so it's not a major issue, but I would like it to work.
It works maybe 1 attempt in 10 at the moment.
When I rotate the switch to engage cruise, the display just shows flashing dashes, rather than the current road speed or the set road speed ( I cant remember which it should display). I cant then set a cruise speed, and no amount of turning on / off will get it to work.
When it does work, it engages first time and works as it should.

The speed limiting function works 100% of the time, which is odd, since it uses pretty much all of the same switches.

There are no error codes being displayed to help me. Any ideas?

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