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Been a while since I needed some help with the shed on wheels

First problem, noticed mpg dropped off a lot a couple of months ago so I've changed the maf (twice), air filter, fuel filter, oil and oil filter, glow plugs and blanked difference. I'm thinking it might be an injector. Plugged planet in and no faults. Ran live data and got the following on tick over:

Injector flow correction
Inj 1 111%
Inj 3 91%
Inj 4 101%
Inj 2 95%

Fuel pressure measured 259 bar

Now I have no idea if the above is good, bad or indifferent. Anyone comment on this please?

Next problem is my key fob. All worked fine until I replaced the bsi and ecu after water ingress. This was the second time i had replaced it. The first time i programmed the key with planet, did the old ingnition on, hold lock for 10 etc and the fob worked. This time programmed the key but can't get the fob to work. I've changed the battery etc. Anyone any ideas how I can get it to work?

Any help on either issue much appreciated
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