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I have an electric N/S (i.e. left) door mirror. The plastic cover is broken, but the mirror itself and the electric thingy works and the aluminium alloy support is sound.

The plastic cover is a 2-part plastic affair. There are 4 self-tapping screws that screw into the front part from the rear part. The screws are hidden behind the glass and the glass just pops out (plastic clips). The screws pass through the alloy support thus anchoring the plastic and the alloy together as a plastic-alloy-plastic sandwich.

I note this kind of thing would seem to fit and is a reasonable price, but I wonder whether it is the same plastic panels as the electric version as I don't especially want to replace my electric mirror with a manual one, nor do I really want to spend the money on a new entire electric mirror when all I have broken is a plastic cover. Seems overpriced.

To be honest, even £18 is overpriced, but I can live with that, but upwards of £60 for an electric mirror is starting to cost nearly as much I recently spent on as a new set of front discs and a new set of rear brake shoes and it seems disproportionate.

Anyone have a clue as to whether the two mirrors MIGHT be compatible?

Wow. Seems I'm the only van owner on this forum :)
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