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the wipers work but the washers do not. I have taken off the pump and it works. the grey and earth have no voltage when operating the stalk - I have fed the pump with an earth from the battery - still no voltage.
I suspected the stalk so replaced with a breaker part - no difference. At the stalk the Purple,brown/grey(2 wires in the same connection) are the switch for the washer function, the live is the purple and it switches to the brown and grey on operation of the washer.
I have checked all fuses including F14, F4 and F9
The grey wire in the stalk is a different diameter(smaller) to the one at the pump.
I am now at a loss, does the wiring go through a contactor if so where is it and what does it look like(I have searched the internet to see if I could buy a contactor and got no results)
I have searched for a proper wiring diagram as the Haynes wiring diagram is poor - does not even show a purple cable
help would be appreciated as I am stuck
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