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Hi i was just wondering if any one could help. i was driving down the a30 and all of a sudden lost power and eml came on then had power then non again turned off and on did this a few times then came to a stop. now the can will not start. starts with easy start and cuts out straight away.

These are the codes i am left with

RHY - SIEMENS SID 801 - 2.0L - 66 (90)
DTC: P1114,Engine switch off by injector cut-off
DTC: P1197,Injectors control, stage faulty
DTC: P0341,Cylinder reference signal
DTC: P0608,Sensor 1 supply voltage (diesel high pressure sensor)
DTC: P1164,Fuel pressure signal. Rail pressure too high under ignition positive
DTC: P0113,Intake air temperature signal
DTC: P0339,Engine speed signal
DTC: P1641,Injectors control, stage faulty

Any help would be really appreciated:)

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Check the injection and engine harnesses for damage/rubbing. I think there was an issue on these with the injection harness rubbing on the end of one of the channels its routed through
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