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Hi, hope this is ok to post.
I have a 2011 Peugeot partner van and just had ‘particle filter additive level too low’ messsge come up.

I have done lots research online and decided to top up the additive level myself. I did this today and then took the van along to a local garage to try and get the message removed.
Unfortunately the message is still flashing up.

I can see from past posts that I may have to take to van to Peugeot to get them to remove messsge. I have also read about using the Peugeot planet to get it removed and that there is a possibility I might be able to find someone with planet in my local area to get it removed. I am in Cambridge.

Does anyone have any advise or know anyone that can get me get this message removed.

Thank you.

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1. Load and get your Diagbox / PP2000 up and running and interfaced to your car.
2. Select ECU Configuration and Services.
3. Select Global Test and follow prompts.
4. The diags will take up to 5 mins to run.
5. Select Diesel Fuel Additive Control unit.
6. Select Configuration.
7. Select Cleaning or replacement of DPF.
8. Note the number of injections and double click the red text. Follow the prompt and ok.
9. First counter Zero reset completed.
10. Select Replacement of filling of res'
11. READ the INSTRUCTIONS on Screen and press ok.
12. Note the count and double click the red counter and it will be reset after okaying the warning.
13. remove the ignition key and unplug PP from the diag port.
14. Unlock the fuel cap and remove and count to 10 and replace.
15. Plug back in PP and power the ignition but don't start the engine.
16. Select Cleaning or replacement of DPF again and check the counter is still 0.
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