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hi i've found that my car has a dodgy BSM/BSI so i'm in the process of ordering a 2nd hand one, all the ones i find from the same model all have different part numbers usually by a few numbers or so.

I have found one which pretty much matches mine, the big 2 part numbers are exactly the same but at the end of the first number his has an F where as mine has an E, another thing i have noticed is that mine seems to be in French and his English.

I'm just wondering if it will be a match and will work in my car as far as i can tell the cars should be identical.

Anyone know or have an idea? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

P.s i've done the BSI reset. and my car is the 2.0HDI 90 HP LX version


The info the seller has given me is
Part no:9636760580 f
valeo bsi gox-00
ref ANN: A11998
ordere MSL : 00934815

Mine for the following is
9636760580 e
ref. dav A11998
order valeo 00144666

I have just spoken to the seller and he doesn't have the digital AC display does this mean that it wouldn't work?
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