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Since I have had my 308 I have missed the parking ticket clip that I had in my previous Skoda cars. I know you can buy clips but I had a brainwave which I thought I would pass-on to other Peugeot owners and all it takes is what people usually have in their house already. The result is neat and tidy and cost me 2p (pence). Here's how: -

1. Get a 2p coin (they are magnetic), a 2.5cm square double-sided sticky pad and a 2.5cm diameter fridge magnet (various colours are available).
2. Clean inside the windscreen using a little methylated spirits or other degreasing agent and allow to dry. Also degrease the 2p coin.
3. Stick the pad to the coin and the then the pad inside the window. The 2p coin surface is now exposed.
4. Fix the fridge magnet to the coin.
5. When required trap the parking ticket between the coin and the magnet.

Job done.
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