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57 Plate 307 1.6 16v Sport

A week ago the car's parking sensors started to make a continuous rapid 2 beeps per second all the time that reverse is selected.

I found what I thought was a faulty sensor which didn't tick & bought a replacement but that didn't tick when connected.

The unit was fitted to the car when we got it & it had been a demonstrator so I assume it was dealer fitted.

I'm fairly sure it's a Cobra Park Master A0158 but it may need reprogramming from what Vodafone Automotive have told me & I need to have a look at the ecu in the boot.

What needs to be done to remove the left hand side boot trim please?

P.S. The car had a new battery fitted just before the problem started & the battery depot struggled to find the port for their radio code saver. Is all the parking sensor electronics in the boot or could something have been disturbed at the front of the car?
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