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I've just got a Peugeot 207 cc (2008) diesel 1.6 and have the 'parking assistant faulty' error. I've searched the forums here and tried some suggestions, like putting the car into reverse, checking the lights and feeling the sensors. None of the 4 pulse. Reversing (white) lights are on (This is whilst the engine is off, but key turned to position 2)
I can switch on and off the assistant. Once off I get no error, I switch it on, I get the error.
I haven't taken it to a dealer for diagnostics or an independent garage, yet.
I'm not sure how to remove the sensors the clean them - I'm guessing I'd have to remove the whole bumper?
I checked in the boot where the spare wheel is kept and none of the leads/connectors are broken or disconnected and there was no water in the area.
I've washed the car and paid special attention to the cleanliness of the sensors - on the outside.

Are there any diagrams or videos that would show how to remove them for cleaning?

I have less than 20 posts, so I'll be unable to message anyone.
I live in south Wales, if that's of any help.

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