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I have just solved a problem which irritated me immensely on my P308. :) The cup holder is good for normal cans but is useless for 0.5l plastic bottles as the cup holder is not really holding them.

If someone feels the same, here is the solution using a CD/DVD spindle:

:nono: I just broke a rule!

"1. You are only allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made 5 posts or more."

So no link, but here is the address:

Allow me ,Betty[email protected]/sets/72157624368538794/detail

Simple instructions are in the each photo's comment.

Also a video - made because I was mad at Peugeot:

If you make it, please drop me a message.


To be fair it is a 'cup' holder, and as a daily Costalotcoffee junkie when I'm one my way to work I can confirm its fine for that, but that's a clever workaround for can or bottle drinkers. Might just give it a go myself.
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