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Hey all,

This is driving me nuts, I recently got a peugeot 207 2011-2012 reg. Had the car a little under a month and the engine light came on with no other symptoms and car was still driving fine, got a reading at the garage on the way home and the code was P2562 (turbo position incorrect relative to the requirement. Not enough turbo). They cleared it but it came on a few days later...

Took it back to the dealer back up the M20 and on the way it turnt itself off, they checked the turbo any way and could not find any issues with the turbo or sensor..

Came on again and have now had the local garage replace the turbo repeat sensor and it came on again yesterday now I have no idea what to do..

When it comes on nothing happens with the car itself and I can feel no issues with the turbo or anything at all.

Has anyone else had similar issues or head of such?

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