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Well good evening. Went to put the key into the ignition barrel and before I had a chance to turn the key, the fault alarm signal bleeped 3 times. When I turned ignition on the Engine Management light stayed on and usual message of repair etc. Car drove as normal except for EML staying on. Plugged into diagnostic and fault code P2452 came up stating From Local , Status Intermittent, Fault Characterisation = Plausibility fault before starting. See attached. Cleared fault on diagbox. This is my 508 1.6hdi 2011 model.
Just seemed strange that my key hadn't entered the barrel when bleep sounded. Wondered if need change battery in my key? Anyway will monitor and see if happens again.
Also I did a search on here for the above fault and couldn't find any feedback. Unless someone else can point me in right direction.
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