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I have been buying Partner B9 (2015, 1.6 blueHDI, 100). After about 1000 km lights alarms and failure code P20E8. I have checked internet sources and I found that error means problem with pressure of AdBlue injection. Users of 308 model wrote that such problem happen after 2014/2015 modification due to wrong design of this circuit - missing input air slot in cap closing Adblue tank provides to overloading of AdBlue pump. In mine car nobody changed cap to new one and probably pump failure, now. I also read that PSA implemented new pump & tank.
New part (pump built in tank) is very expensive, more then 900 Eur so I have to buy used pump but I prefer to buy this new model. The problem is with part number - I cant identify right serial number - can somebody help me ?

Second ask, probably problem is described in TSB b1kw0113q0, have You got access to this article, to check if I'm right ?

Best, Filo. Sorry for mine badly English.
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