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I have a P207, petrol, 1.4, 2007. Till recently everything was ok, but suddenly it started to hesitate on acceleration when the motor is cold. It took around half a second, then it is ok. After the motor iswarmed up everything is ok. I took the car to the service, but they don't know what could be the problem. The computer doesn't show any errors, but there are some strange values.

The intake air temperature is 55 deg. Celcius in the morning when the air temp is 1 deg C. Also there is some calculated reference (I don't know what it could be because the text on the analyser was not in English) is -40 deg. C and after the motor is warmed up it shows 105 deg.C. The IAT temp did not change a lot when the motor is at 90 deg. C.

Can you please give me some info about the folowing:

- does my car has MAF or MAP and where it is located?
- does my car has IAT and where it is located?

I was reading the threads all over the internet and some of the answers are saying that is MAP problem (no one is teling anything about IAT), some that the software update is needed. But car was doing ok before...

Thanks for any suggeston!
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