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Hi all,

I have a 407 SW 2.0 HDI AL4 Automatic, 2005. 185.000 KM.

I have found this DTC P1598 Cooling Circuit By-Pass Electrovalve with Diagbox, see picture attached.

I've tried searching in google and found out that this electrovalve is in Thermostat Housing but when I am trying to find in ebay, aliexpress, amazon and other web stores cannot source it at all. See picture attached.

Note: What I've read in different places in forums, they have said that Peugeot have modified the Thermostat Housing for 407 2.0 HDI and removed completely this Electrovalve basically they have eliminated.

What I am finding in ebay is only housing without Electrovalve. See attached picture.

Most important and interesting; I've read in one French forum today, they have installed modified thermostat housing w/out electrovalve same as in ebay and they have disabled with Diagbox this valve in the system, how they done they did not explain. Is someone aware about this? Any idea?


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