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Getting the engine management light come up and then put a Clark scanner reader on picking up the following codes... PO401 - exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient & P0192 - fuel rail pressure sensor A circuit low.
Happened when I stalled the car while in 2nd gear moving off. Seems as though the car needs to be over revved so possibly a fuel issue otherwise especially in 2nd when I move it didn't seem to like it.
I can clear the codes to get rid of the management light and then if I put the reader back on it will then show the P0401 code up (but no engine management light unless it happens again and cuts out).
What's best way to tackle this.. I'm ok changing bolt off bolt on parts as long as I can access them but want to see if there is any on who can recommend common things to replace even if it means I can narrow down and eliminate certain things.
Have read about due filters etc... can this cause the 2 codes above?
Any advice would be appreciated.
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