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Hi I have Peugeot 307 HDI Sport 2007 car. My car has hiccups on lower RPMs i.e. from 1500 to 1900 for any gear. I can hear hissing noise or some kind of air leak noise when I press the pedal which I feel like it is coming from passenger side glove area or in the middle.

The mechanic said this noise is normal as it is of turbo and other mechanic said I need to get the inlet manifold rings changed. I said if we change the fuel filter will this solve the hiccups he said might be but he did not recommend to change it at this time.

This morning when I was driving in the town on lower RPMs engine management light appears with depollution system faulty warning. On the OBD sensor I got p0238 p0100 p0087.

Please help as I took this car to two mechanics one has changed the Air Flow Meter and other has fixed the leak on Injector seals which has already cost me £450 and the fault is still there i.e. (hiccups on lower RPMs and hissing noise when I press the pedal) and now I can see the codes too.
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