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I have a 307 Model 2004, 1.6 16v. Around March last year I got ABS error which turned out to be the wires to one sensor. During the time till I fix that error I got suddenly anti pollution as well.

The workshop told me that you have some error with the throttle that may not be right. I also did a expensive C service because it was the time. They said it costs 6000NOK around 700GBP to change the throttle. So they advised me to wait for the C service and then change the throttle.

After they fixed the ABS problem (before service) for a very short time, the car was totally ok and flying!
Then suddenly the error came back and car was very low on power again.
After the C service the error went away but the car was just ok not as good as those two days.

After a couple of months I (stupidly) decided to change the Gear box oil. After the change of gear box oil I did it in a misc workshop, suddenly the error came back again and I experience Intermittent stumble on acceleration and low power.

I bought a cheap OBD II and I scanned the car it said P0121, I changed the throttle with another second hand one, which gave me another error P0123 and then with a third one which I had the same error as my original.

I find it very unlikely that there be something wrong with the third throttle as well, I also changed the gas pedal, still the same error.

Please help!!!
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