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Hi there,

Need a bit of expert advice & some common sense.

407 SW 59 plate 2.0 HDI DW10 140 hp RHF, I think. 150k miles.

Had a couple of minor stutters on acceleration in the last couple of months & didn't think too much of it, then in the last couple of days under acceleration the engine management light came on and 'de-pollution system faulty' on the display. After a few hours, and on and offs, the EML goes out until the next time. when the EML is on there is a reduction in power but can still get it up to 90 ish.

So.... got a pal with a Bosch KTS200 to read the codes and the following were there;
P0087 Fuel Pressure Regulator
P0088 Fuel Pressure Regulator on stop
P0094 didn't make a note of that one
P1471 Solenoid valve EGR
P1671 Road speed limiter

Cleared all the codes and drove it like I had stolen it so the EML light came on and re read the codes.
P0087 Fuel Pressure Regulator
P1671 Road speed limiter

Having looked at a few related issues I am leaning towards the fuel filer first. I have had the car for 50k and haven't put the one on i bought months ago, I know! Going to get that done tomorrow. and get the faults cleared again.

Could it be the DPF, do they have a service life and if so what is it? It is the original as far is i know, I got the car at 93k and it has been a reliable & trusty steed so far, and apart from the fuel filter, well maintained.

I am thinking that the starvation of fuel through a duff/blocked filter could cause the other codes to ping up.

Any views or comments would welcome.


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