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Hi All,

I have a Peugeot 308 1.6 16V 2008. I'm having an overpressure issue on the coolant.

On start up (from cold) the coolant will rise from max, to overflowing out the expansion bottle, what could be the cause?

I've tried flushing the system. The radiator is around 12 months old, the thermostat is possibly 18 months old.

I've tried it without the cap on, it still seem to overflow after approx. 5 minutes.

Is this likely to be the HG? or is there anything else you think I should try / replace?

If I leave the car on the spot, it looses no coolant, if I start the engine for 5 minutes and turn off before it overflow it looses no coolant.

The only other thing I've noticed, if I turn the engine off and turn the U bend hose (top of radiator) upside down, the level will drop the more times I bend it up and then drop it back to it's normal position. Around 10 turns it will lower the coolant bottle back to max. (Squeezing the hose while upside down speeds this up).
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