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I have a (2000) 106 which has been having various issues. Originally it over heated (a few months ago) and the fan got stuck on constantly. I had to take the fuse out when I was parked up to stop it every time.
The radiator then burst and was replaced, the fan hasn't come on since.
I've had it checked over recently and apparently the the fan works but the ecu doesn't trigger the fan to come on, so I'm driving carefully with the heater constantly on, low revs, turning off the engine when stuck in traffic for sometime.
The overheated light is on constantly even upon starting the car when it's cold.

I've been told the fault could be the ecu or wiring and I'd like to get it fixed.

Does anyone have a Peugeot planet fault finder who lives fairly locally to Worthing, West Sussex that could check my car over (got a fee) to find exactly where the issue is coming from so I know what needs replacing? Or is there a good garage in the area that has one of these devices as I've heard they are the best.

Any advice welcome, we are looking to restore the car. Thank you :)
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