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I have a 2005 Pug307 2.0 petrol. It has an ATL4 transmission that is commonly reported to have various 'slipping' problems (drops out of/into gear and 'bangs' nastily).

Although it took years, it got sorted out about 3 months ago. The solution is as ridiculous as you'd expect from a Peugeot.

The problem is caused (at least in my case) by the transmission overheating. The engine and transmission share the cooling system and the intercooler on the transmission is too small.
Hot climate = hot engine = hot transmission = problems.
I literally spent years diagnosing the problem and looking for solutions. Ultimately the solution is a work-around, but that will do the job for me.

So what was my solution?

I don't like air conditioning (stay with me...) so let my air con fall into neglect. Recently, I changed mechanic and the new one said my slow speed cooling fan is not working. That is probably why the car runs hot and so does the transmission. Excellent!

He found nothing wrong with the fan. However, after talking to his ex-boss (a retired 80 yr old Citroen mechanic) he found out that the slow speed fan only comes on if the temperature is hot (well duh!) and how do you know it's hot? The air conditioning comes on, of course!

So my transmission no longer overheats, because I re-gassed my air conditioning!
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