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Just joined the forum so hope this is in the right place?
I purchased a 308 1.6VTi recently with a catalogue of issues.. Bought it knowing it could be a challenge and have sorted most of it's problems (cam sensor, coil pack etc..)
However, I am scratching my head over the last two problems:
Outside temperature on the MFD shows --C
I have measured across the sender at the connector in the door and at about 16C ambient it reads 3.5kohms, heating it in my hands for a minute or two drops the resistance to 2.4kohms so as an NTC it seems to functioning. Traced the wires back to the BSI and confirmed the same readings with the BSI plug disconnected. Checking voltage with the plug connected to the BSI I am reading 1.4v at ambient reducing to 1.2v when warmed in my hands briefly. Does this sound ok?
Last week I purchased Diagbox and Lexia3 which is now up and running, it has recorded a fault code in MFD as 7157 Exterior Temperature Data Fault and also F8EB Absence of screen permanent plus.
Also, in the injection/ignition section it is showing an issue with ambient temp data.
Any thoughts? I have ordered a new sensor, but am not convinced it's faulty as others have just given an incorrect temperature not missing characters?

I'll start another thread on the remote key issue which is my other problem..


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When my went the same way on the 307 it was a bad connection where the sensor plugs into that unit in the door.

Plenty of electrical contact cleaner and it was sorted.
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