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Our 405 1 year on...

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Hi all,
I'm relieved to say we've got another 12 months MOT.
(1 new tyre, tighten 1 earth strap affecting the lights, 1 stop bulb and an OSF ball joint replaced, that's my kind of mot!)
We bought it about a year ago after the previous 405 (petrol) blew the hg at 230,000 miles.
I was impressed by my first encounter with a pug so I thought lets get another, a td this time.
Only real problem we had in the whole year, was getting harder to start in recent cold weather, new glow plugs soon sorted that out.
Add a normal service and thats it.
15,000 miles on it this year, (current mileage is 191,000 on an M reg).
Cross our fingers for the next year.
Excellent work peugeot.
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