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2008 407 SW 1.6 HDI 167k

Two weeks ago i made my entry on the world o Peugeot. So far i LOVE the car now does she love me...

So i have changed all tghe seals on the injectors, egr was cleaned, DPF cleaned, new fuel filter, oil filter and 5w30 oil. All codes cleared , (i could not clear the dpf no pp2000 or diagbox i dont know how ). Next week it will be time for two front drop links and brakes pads. The oil feed of the turbo is new i have open the oil pan and replaced the oil pick up pipe. All done no leaks( only one that will post later, it needs further research )
Engine worked for an hour, all good......
Now the strange stuff

When i start the car now my starter motor makes a sound like it nees oil.
Sometimes the car looks like it has a cut ( specially when cold and between 900 rpm and 1200 rpm.
There is no smoke but its smells burned diesel VERY MUCH. like a truck.

I have no lights on my dash.

Can you guys share your ideas and experiences PLEASE

Many Thanks
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