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Peugeot 207 2009 Petrol 1.6i 16V (120 Hp) Automatic 5 Door.

Yesterday morning out of the blue the car was very difficult to start. Even trying to rev the engine slightly didn't help, it just slowed right down and even stalled a couple of times. It also popped from the exhaust (not a full backfire but close).

Blue ? transparent smoke (steam) and a strong smell for about 3 mins or so and then it is fine. By fine I mean once the car starts driving off everything seems fine after that initial sluggishness. No problems after that.

However if it sits for several hours, it is chugs a bit on starting, and certainly the next morning, it is back to the above, very difficult with lots of smoke and smell.

“B” Camshaft Position - Open or Short in Oil Control Valve (OCV) (Bank 1)

Although the code says what it does, could that be more of a consequence rather than the cause ? Could this be an Oxygen sensor perhaps ?

Would appreciate your thoughts.
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