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vehicle details: 2005 boxer/relay 3.5t 1800kg model, dw12 engine 20um10 gearbox
I am having trouble locating part numbers or accurate sizes for the driveshaft oil seals.
I purchased a used box and it makes sense to replace the rubber items and reseal the casings so that i'm not plagued with leaks when its fitted. (old box is a nightmare)
I removed the old seals in the hope they would have part numbers on them, but only one has any markings at all and those are the sizes in millimetres.
The one from the drivers side (uk floor plan)(long shaft) is stamped 34.9 54 11.3 and with rather inaccurate ebay calipers this does seem to be its size, it also has the white toothed insert in it, the purpose of which i am not sure..
The short shaft side had the seal hidden behind a flange/plate/cover, the seal when removed had no markings at all, and its size is approximately 59.5 x 42.3 x 8.5.

I have tried searching ebay but with just the sizes i'm not getting very far, and when i try searching by nmake/model/year i'm getting hundreds of incorrectly sized seals.


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Cross ref the Peugeot Part Numbers 3121.48 and 3010.33 A couple on EBay

Right Seal Left Seal
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