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Hi, I have a 2004 307 SW 2.0 HDI 110 SOHC with around 130K on the clock. Today I was cleaning in the engine bay and I took off the big inter cooler hose from the top of the inter cooler and to my horror it was covered in oil, inside the pipe and inside the inter cooler.
When I started the engine with the inter cooler pipe removed exhaust fumes were coming out of the top of the inter cooler! And the vacuum pipe was removed and blanked off from the butterfly valve where the inter cooler pipe connects to the engine.

So why is there oil in the inter cooler? And what does that little butterfly valve do?

Should I be worried? The car drives fine with plenty of power.

Kind regards, David.

The engine breathers recirculate into the inlet, and this will account for most of the oily deposit and fumes that you see. Some intercoolers even have a drain plug so you can periodically clear out the shite.

If she's running fine and the exhaust isn't smoking excessively, I'd put her back together and leave well alone.
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