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Hi all,

Gonna do a oil change on my 307 hdi soon,and know i need 5 40 engine oil.Wan try keep cost down and noticed asda do oil 5l for £22 but dont say diesel engine oil? Does this make a diff of have i gotta get diesel engine oil? Feel a bit like a dick asking this, but this is my first diesel car.


Provided it meets the correct API classification it doesn't matter if it comes from Asda or Harrods, it's fine. Spending more on an oil costing triple won't get you any better.

The API system was originally conceived by NATO so a ham fisted mechanic knows what goes in a tank engine, and what goes in a helicopters reduction gears at a glance. An oil of, say, SL or CF spec will perform almost identically to another oil of the same grade, regardless of price.

Your biggest safety feature is to be anal about using quality filters and changing it at the exact time/mileage interval. Oh, and make sure it's a turbo diesel grade too.

Ideally, you'd use a low ash grade to extend the life of the FAP.
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