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Recently bought a used 2005 307 with 2.0L EW10A engine. Finally got around to the first oil change and everything went smoothly, new filter element and some Castrol Edge 5W-40 synthetic.

It is used for a lot of start/stop short runs and long highway runs and seems to use more oil than I would expect (actually I would expect it to use none because my 2003 406 HDi with 330,000k doesn't use any between 10,000km oil changes!) The 307 goes through about 1/2L every 2000km or so - no drips that I can see, it doesn't smoke or have any other obvious oil consumption symptoms.

I guess I can just keep topping it up but not with synthetic! I'll get some cheap 5W-40 mineral if this keeps up. But, if there is some problem I should be aware of/check for it would be nice to know about it.

Thanks for your help
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