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Is they anyone out there form the northeast of the UK that has a faulty heater flap on the left hand side?

If so i have a offer for you.

I can do this by using the cut into the side of the heater box way. Ill do this for free if you buy the new reinforced heater flaps, they come in pairs, left and right. if you let me have the right hand side flap to fix mine, ill do your left hand side free.

here they are GENUINE Citroen C5 Peugeot 407 Heater Flap Repair Kit Dual Zone Climate Control | eBay

Ive all ready done mine but i bought a used one from the scrap yard and and it hasn't lasted.:mad:

I'm in the county durham area of the north east if anyone is intrested send me a pm:thumb:

the reason for this offer is im skint right now and cant cant aford the £69 for the two flaps when i only need the one flap.
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