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Hello, Ive recently bought a 307 1.6 hdi 110bhp after parting with my first car, my beloved 306 1.9td.

About a week after purchasing its started coming up with an anti-pollution fault? This happened once before but id had the battery disconnected waiting for a buyer on my old car first, and since then it has run like a dream and no problems. Until today, it has decided not to start.

Well it has started but then it just wont hold power and wont go over 1200/1500 rpm. When i let go of the accelerator the car just dies. And also a lot of white smoke has been coming out of the exhaust which i haven't noticed before? Is this linked to the anti pollution fault and if so is there any advice any of you can give? My dads a mechanic so im quite accustomed to an engine so if there is anything that i could change etc im willing to give it a go before taking it into a dealership. I had a full service about 3 weeks ago (Unfortunate for me hes in Aus for the next 4 weeks so unable to help)

Would be more than thankful for any advice,

Thankyou Kirsty
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