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Hi there

I'm a complete noobie driver...I passed my test in August (age 27!) and have had nothing but trouble with cars!!

I have just got a 307, it's a 51 plate and has 42k miles on it - LX model...I have a few questions...

How would I identify a problem with the head gaskets? The last car I had (a sh*tty little '99 Corsa) blew it's head gasket within a month of owning it, I took it back! The thing that sparked me to take it in for a check up was that the engine was slowing down when I wasn't accelerating much more than it used to...

Now after literally a week of owning the 307 it's behaving similarly - however it's not overheating like the Corsa, and has no warning lights or anything visible (however when I start the motor the spanner icon flashes up by the digital mileage but this disappears when the actual mileage shows up...)

I think I might just be exceedinly paranoid - I dunno....maybe not...I'm worried because I'm fairly poor and not up for paying thousands to repair this car!

My clutch biting point is also very high although I don't see this as an issue, as it's reachable and I'm not sure if it'll go any higher just yet, so I'm not worrying about it, but with the engine drag it's hard to run the car just off the clutch for parking and stuff....

So would warning lights of any kind show up if there was a problem? Maybe my tyres are under inflated? The thing is, when i'm doing 30mph in a residential area and let go of the accelerator, the engine makes a slowing noise (that very nice hum you get when braking) and it'll drop to 20mph in a matter of about 8 seconds...I swear it wasn't like this a week ago! Or maybe it was....?

I've checked the oil filler cap - no brown sludge, no blue smoke out the exhaust either!!

Any insights on this would be amazing, hope I posted this in the right place...!

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