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I feel young again as just got my second Peugeot in my life. 308 1.6 THP. 4 years old low mileage. Love it.

Only had it a week.

I love to hear sound of the engine as I pull away. Due to the hot weather at the moment I turned to my climate control for the first time. Then what was that. Seems like my fan makes a racket at low speed. If I override the auto and turn it up it seems to get better but only because it's more high pitch and the blowers help to mask the annoying rattle. On an old scenic this happened to me before and then after a few weeks the motor packed up.

I have 3 months warranty on the car from a respected dealer do you think they would look at this?

Is this common with fan units on these cars?

Isit easy to replace or is it the whole dash off? The sound seems to come from the middle of the dash towards the windscreen so it could be coming out from the 3 middle vents.

I love my car and I know I can turn on my cd and just enjoy the drive but I then really miss the sound of the engine as I pull away from that ford focus....

Thanks and I'm a newbie here too

All the best
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