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Hi All,

I recently picked up a 2005 407SW so have no knowledge of its history but currently the brake lights don't work.

So far I have replaced both the double filament bulbs (which did look blown) still no light so replaced brake switch with modified loom and cleaned contacts for bulbs in light cluster.

I have tested the bulbs brake filament by setting the bulb in backwards with headlights on and it does light up but not for brakes when fitted correctly.

The car has had a tow bar fitted to it at some point but I have it disconnected
Is there anything I need to do after replacing brake switch (clear faults)?

The car also has ABS faults on both front wheels i'm reluctant to replace sensors/hubs until i know how much time/money it is going to cost to fix the brake lights.

Thanks in advance

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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