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Hi all,

On our 02 reg 206 HDI GLX, we suddenly find that we don't have any reversing lights, and our handbook (inherited from previous owner), appears to be the wrong one. Can anyone please tell me where the fuse is, and what number please. Both bulbs are okay, and the switch at the gearbox end is okay. It is somewhere between the switch and the bulbs. :confused:

Oh yes, and how do I stop the stereo switching off after only 20 mins whilst stationary? :(

Thanking you in advance, ;)


If by stationary you mean without the engine running, then you cant!

its a feature called economy mode which stops the battery draining while the car isnt running

And as for the fuse locations you can find them on the peugeot service box

Choose your model and when it was built, the fuse locations are shown under..

Practical information --> Changing a fuse

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