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Hello fellow Puggies,

I have been belting my head against a brick wall for the last couple of years
regards no reverse lights on our 2003 307 XSE 2.0 ltr petrol auto.
Everything on these cars goes through the BSI....Body Systems Interface
which controls everything from indicators to air conditioning.
I bought a new Multi Function switch which lives on top of the auto gearbox
That's fine, I can get at it by removing air cleaner housing, battery and battery tray
which exposes the switch.
Tracing the wiring back, it terminates in what looks like a metal housing but
reading up on the Haynes Pug manual, it states it is a connector block with three
plugs in it.
The thing is, this would have been installed on the back edge of the gear box to
the right before the drive train was offered up to the body.....right up against the right hand
top gearbox mounting.....bugger of a place for access.
Anybody got any clues as to how to go about removing the plug from this?
My other option was to cut the harness from the switch, cut the plug from the new switch
and solder together the 12 wires's that bloody tight!
Your pearls of wisdom will be gratefully accepted ;o)
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