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Hi all,

Until yesterday I was an alfa man through and through however I have just bought a 2006 307 SW 1.6HDi (110). Very impressed so far!! A couple of questions for you good folk:

I have searched the forums but there is no definitive answer out there, as the title suggests there are no lights illuminating in the central instrument cluster for the glow plug, battery or oil pressure light. When the key is turned to the first click then these lights do not appear at all. I have read that this might be normal for the glow plugs??? although this is not the same as any diesel I have had in the past? Are these 3 lights linked - maybe a relay?

Also would anyone suggest that a code reader is a decent investment...I have seen some on ebay for £20??

eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace

Lastly, all else is good except a slight "whine" to the engine - presume it is the turbo, don't know if it supposed to make the noise?

Best regards,
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