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no fuel pressure

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Please could some body tell me what voltage should be at the fuel regulator valve on the high pressure pump
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first off thank you for your reply.

I mean the the regulator / cut off valve on the diesel high pressure pump. It has 12v from from pin 8 of the black plug in engine bay fuse box and 3.5v from ECU brown plug pin M4. I think this is supposed to be a negative but I can't understand why it has 2 different voltage
so I brought the lexia software and have looked at the data in fuelling. I will list what I read and hope someone can give me some input.

Ref fuel pressure 322 bar
Messured fuel pressure 1349 bar ( should be 270 - 320 bar )
Fuel flow regulator OCR 16%
Diesel output deliverd by pump ref value -70.50 mm.3/sec
Fuel flow to be reached in H/P rail 1360 / 2270 / 2590
Fuel temp 15 deg
Coolent temp 14 deg

No fault codes in controller and it is authorised to start
No injector issues,

The wiring from the fuel control valve and the the fuel pressure switch are good.
The 5v feed id load tested and good, the negative is tested and good. The signal wire to the pressure switch is 12v.

Any advice welcome. thank you Paul
if it helps chassis no is VF3GC9HWC96274676
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Thank you for your reply, There is no fuel in the fuel rail so I suspect the new (ebay) pressure switch in the fuel rail faulty. I will go and get a good quality one today and check the data again. I have fitted another H/P pump complete with regulator from a working engine.
Fuel return good
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Thank you every body for your input. Went out and brought a quality fuel pressure sensor. Plugged it in the harness and could see the difference straight away in PP2000. fitted and now van running again.

Thankyou very much Paul
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