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Need some Help Guys,

when I got the car the air con was working then just stopped one day I was round at Halfords this weekend due to the hot weather so asked to see if they could top it up and get it working again the nice fella checked it and said he could top it up for £30 so told him to work away he got a new bottle and went to charge it back up again and plugged it up to charge after few seconds he stopped and the aircon clutch pulley kicked in and the aircon was full he said there might be a blockage and never charged me for doing this, we waited to see
if I got cold air and nothing at all came out so he checked it again and it was still inline with the gauge green for ok he said,

now I remember on my 2.0 110 hdi that when the aircon kicked in the rad fan would kick in on this 136bhp the fan does not kick in at all

I done a scan on my car to see if they would work via a forced test on planet and both high and low worked so I changed the fan relay resistor and left it and the fan does not want to kick in by its self is there any thing I should be looking at to get this fixed?

am going to see if I can get the aircon re-gassed so they remove the old coolant from the system and see if that helps

but if anyone can help me please reply lol
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