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Hi all, probably just a refresher for everyone, no brake light problem, trawled through the threads and found the following, posted by Tony1947 back in Dec 2011,

407 brake light fault
Smilie face because after reading a couple of threads I have finally found an answer. I was unable to find the brake light switch on my 407sw 2006 but with my head up under the dash I realised that the switch was on the passenger side of an English model, behind the glove compartment. The switch is removed by turning it 90deg in its holder. After spraying with WD40 and operating manualy it worked perfectly. I then realised that the plate that held it in place had moved slightly so the actuator was not touching the switch to turn the lights off. Bending the plate forward to its orrigional possition rectified the fault (no adjustment available). This also enabled the out of park switch on the auto gearbox to work correctly and removed the ESP/Speed control warning lights on the dashboard. 3 faults removed in one opperation, I hope this helps other owners and thanks to the people who posted threads that helped me.

Pic was done by battlestar in Dec 2011

"no need to bend the plate" if you look at the switch there is a " brown peg" with serrations on each side this enables it to be pushed in or pulled out, hope this helps, also my thanks to all for the threads. Father T.


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