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Because in the Netherlands i cant get my problem solved i try it here.
First of all sorry for my English i am not that good in typing English but i hope you understand me.

Now my problem

I have the p0299 error. Through the internet i see that this problem of my is not rare.

I have changed all three solenoids. I have meassured the vacuum and it goes to 0,8 bar. I believe this is good. I have tested the actuator on the turbo and this goes up and down with vacuum and no vacuum.
There is only one thing i dont get. With engine on there is a vacuum of 0,8 bar and when i turn off the engine the vacuum drops to zero. I dont know when i turn engine off the vacuum must stay on 0,8 bar?

I meassure the vacuum at the top of the engine. a rubber hose connects there too a metal pipe. On that spot i connect my vacuummeter. Here it is 0,8bar.

But when i put vacuum on there while the engine is not running then vacuum is dropping back to zero.

Anyone a idea?
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