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my wife's car a 2005 206 sport owned from new 63000 on clock

we have had all the usual Peugeot faults but this has me stumped

i have just replaced the head gasket as it had a leek from oil into the water jacket
it was still running fine apart from the occasional misfire when cold

now it appears to run sweet until warm, once it has reached temperature it wont rev above 2k
it will sit and tick over fine but if you try and go over 2k the revs drop suddenly if you keep your foot down it jumps between 1500rmp and 0 and battery and parking brake lights flash there is also a click in coming from the BSI unit as though contact with main power is lost
have checked all earths i know of

things i have tried are swapping coil pack , cam sensor VVT solenoid MAF
o2 sensors also been replaced

it had a new cam belt water pump and tensioner + idler pulley about a month before gasket so did not replace these

Battery checks out ok as dose the alternator

There is no error codes present through both my hand held scanner and Peugeot planet
which i have purchased just for this problem

the car is pretty much un-driveable when warm
i still think its an electrical issue
there is no sign of water ingress at BIS or ECU wiring loom looks fine to
and both report back no errors

any help would be very much appreciated
pulling my hair out with it :confused:



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